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  • Cycling Short Trizac

    €59.99 €79.99

    Trizac Shorts are equipped with a first-class profiled bicycle seat (GT +) with an antibacterial treatment. The legs are closed with a wide rubber with silicone tips that do not suffocate and improve blood circulation.

  • ALL Black Cycling Short


    Cycling Pants All Black are made in anatomically shaped style of Non-Printed Agony material with a special PowerLycra yarn.

    All Black cycling shorts are made with a special patented technology that mimics tape that helps blood circulation in the legs work better and stresses the muscles less during exercise. The progress of the All Black cycling shorts has been done with the help of a physiotherapist to achieve the best results.

  • Start Full zipper Pants


    Start Full zipper Pants are made in a unisex style from a high quality functional Gavia material.
    Full zip fastening on both sides for easy on and off.

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