What is the best pad for cycling? This is a very important question for a cyclist. If your saddle is bothering, you during cycling it could be that you are cycling on the wrong or too old chamois. A pad is very important for your comfort while cycling.

The difference between a pad for women and men.

It is mainly because the pressure point of women and men is different. The foam layer is therefore differently shaped for women than for men.

What do you need to pay attention to?

You may wonder what to look for when buying a new chamois. You should pay particular attention to the number of kilograms per cubic meter. If you want to know whether this is the right amount of absorbency, this is explained below. It also depends on the different distances.

Different padding, different distances.

If you cycle short distances of up to 4 hours. Then we recommend a chamois with a density of about 80 kilograms per cubic meter. Will you be cycling for longer than four hours? Then we recommend a pad with a density of about 100 kilograms per cubic meter. 

We recommend you to look for a new cycling pants every 2 years. This is obviously not for everyone. Not everyone cycles as much as the other. And other people still have no problems after two years. 




Which pad do we recommend?

For men we recommend the GT Plus pad and for women the GT Plus women. Why? Because with both pad the following applies: 

The GT Plus pad is made of extra light polyester fibers, thanks to the quick-drying GT Plus pad and in combination with foam with patented filtration foam and with good moisture absorption for long rides.

Here is a selection from our range of pads:


          GT PAD MEN

            GT PAD WOMAN


          PRO PAD WOMAN

Kids Voorkant.png

          GT PAD KIDS

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