Do you suffer from pain in your buttocks while cycling? 
This can have several causes. For example, you may be using a chamois that is too old or cycling shorts that are too large. The chamois in the cycling shorts ensures comfort during your bike ride.


Women's and men's chamois, what's the difference?
The difference between a women's and men's chamois is mainly the pressure points. For example, a woman's sit bones are wider compared to a man's. We have adapted our GT pads so that everyone can sit on the bike as comfortably as possible.


What should you pay attention to?
It is important that you look at the kilograms per cubic meter. The more kilograms per cubic meter, the stronger the absorption force. The chamois absorbs all the moisture in and around the chamois. You will also experience less shock and bumps while cycling with more kilograms per cubic meter, which simply means that the chamois is thicker.


Which chamois for which distance?
For bike rides of up to 4 hours, we recommend our GT chamois. This chamois has a density of 80 kilograms per cubic meter. The GT chamois is therefore an excellent all-round chamois for weekly use.

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For distances longer than 4 hours we recommend our GT+ chamois. This chamois has a density of 100 kilograms per cubic meter. This means you maintain comfort during long rides and your buttocks will not suffer during daily use.


We recommend purchasing new cycling shorts at least every other year for weekly use. For daily use, we recommend purchasing new cycling shorts every year to maintain your comfort.


In addition, we have a specific "beginner's chamois" for women. This is our Pro chamois, this chamois is intended for bicycle rides of up to 2 hours.

Saddle pain?
Saddle pain varies per person, depending on various factors, such as the type of saddle, saddle height and of course which chamois you use. For example, someone may not have any problems after 5 long bike rides and someone else may already suffer from saddle pain after a one-hour bike ride.

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